Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Neuro cases

In response to a comment on a previous post, here are some of the cases we have seen on neurology over the last week and a half:

* Dachshund with a herniated disk
* Beagle with a herniated disk
* Basset hound with a herniated disk (seeing a theme?)
* Cat with probably peripheral nerve or muscle disease, likely due to a congenital enzyme deficiency resulting in a storage disease
* Border collie with left-sided paralysis caused by a huge brain tumor
* Mixed breed dog with diskospondylitis (infection of the intervertebral disk and surrounding vertebrae, in this case caused by Brucella)
* Shih tzu with only the mildest neurologic dysfunction, probably due to a clot to the spinal cord
* Chesapeake Bay retriever with a left-sided weakness and inability to walk, probably due to a lesion in the cranial cervical spinal cord
* Min Pin/Chihuahua mix puppy with seizures, hypertonicity in all 4 limbs, a severely extended neck, inability to walk, and neck pain -- probably one or more congenital defects
* Maltese with a right-sided weakness and concurrent knee injury
* Australian shepherd with hindlimb paralysis (probably a clot to the spinal cord)
* Shepherd mix with constant tremors in the hindlimbs when standing still
* Bulldog puppy with spinal cord empyema (pus-filled spinal cord)

Pretty exciting, eh?


  1. How would a puppy get a pus filled spinal cord?

  2. Ah, that is the question. Bad play bite from a littermate? Ingested stick that made its way to the colon then perforated within the abdomen? Evil aliens? Who knows!