Thursday, June 11, 2009

Emails galore!

You'd think that with the academic year winding down and it being summer now, my email inbox wouldn't be quite so full. Well, you'd be wrong!

The vet school has a listserv for each class, so that if you want to email everybody in my class, you just email it to PVM2012@whateveritis. That's cool because it makes things way more efficient than trying to keep track of everyone's email address. However, it also means that you get a whole lot of emails that don't necessarily apply to you and your interests. And it's not like you can just unsubscribe to the listserv to stop getting all those useless emails, because some of them are really important and you have to read them.

Between the start of school in mid-August '08 and the end of spring semester on 5/15/09, I got 2305 emails through the listserv. Let's call that 9 months x 30 days = 270 days. That's about an average of 8.5 emails per day, just through the listserv. Not included are emails from professors, the dean, the graduate student office, and clubs/organizations like pet hospice that maintain their own email lists and don't send things out through the listserv.

At this point, the listserv emails are only up to 2393, in the 27 days since the end of the semester. So that's only 88 listserv emails in 27 days, or about 3.25 emails per day. Thank goodness that has dropped off so significantly!

Yet, I still come home from work at 7:30 or 8:30 pm and find myself with 25 to 40 emails waiting for me. Where are they all coming from??? Yes, usually 5 or 10 are junk mail or email from websites that I signed up for but don't always read. With CLH now home from work for the summer, a significant number of the remaining emails come from him. But I cannot figure out how I am still getting so many emails, with all the school stuff having died down!

So, admittedly, part of it is probably that I am a totally compulsive email checker, meaning that when I was in class all day, I'd usually check my email before my first class started, several times during lunch, and before I left for the day, not to mention as often as possible during our 10 minute breaks between classes. So I probably got more emails every day than I'm getting now, but these days I get all of the day's emails at once.

Anyhow, let me assure you that I do enjoy hearing from all of you, and I'm not trying to say, "Stop sending me emails!!!" Just please be patient if it takes me a few days to get back to you. :-)

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