Thursday, August 19, 2010

Capstone looms

The online/open-book portion of this year's Capstone opened 3 days ago, and is due by Labor Day. The in-class/closed-book portion is in 4 days. Gaaaahhhh!

But seriously, it'll all be ok.

In lieu of studying at the moment, I thought I'd share some of my classmates' Capstone-related comments on Facebook:

"Want to go to bed but there are two dogs and lots of three-ring binders in the way. Guess I should take back the bed."

"Capstone was a much more enjoyable experience whist drinking a delicious glass of moscato! Only one left, and I've at least started it. Then on to studying the many things I don't remember... two days should be sufficient, right?"

"Sigh, you know it's the week before capstone when you wake up at 4:00AM and your brain will NOT fall back to sleep... why, oh why, do you torment me. Guess I'm up for the day."

"Trying to end this court dispute over my bathroom remodel... capstone will have to wait..."

"my cortisol levels are elevating, two more online exams..."

"Company left this morning and the radiator on the Suburban exploded. Studying's overrated anyway, right?"

And those were all in the last 24 hours. Think we're obsessed with Capstone much?

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