Monday, April 11, 2011

Why yes, I WOULD like a scholarship!

After last year's traumatic non-scholarship-experience detailed here, and an even-more-pathetic-than-usual essay submitted with my scholarship application last November, I finally got a scholarship!

OK, now that you're done cheering, the relevant details are: $2200 (yes! would have been happy with $50!), 9 other people got the same scholarship as me (holy rich people), it's only for junior students, and the criteria were "superior scholarship, initiative, perseverance, potential for leadership, and financial need." I'm going to pretend that I qualified for more of that than just "financial need."

So I joined many of my fellow junior, sophomore, and freshman classmates, as well as some biomedical sciences undergrads, to nosh on a pretty display of fruit, cheese, crackers, and cookies, accompanied by "golden punch" (which I'm 97% sure was straight orange juice) and listen to a 25-second congratulatory speech by the dean of the vet school.

Interesting statistic: apparently there are 440-some scholarships given out every year to vet students and biomed undergrads, totally some $1.6 million dollars annually. Wow. (And also, why haven't I seen some of this money before?? That comes out to about $2700/year per student!)

Anyway, I'm thoroughly satisfied by my scholarshippiness and look forward to the receipt of $2200 to help offset my upcoming tuition bill of $51,000 for senior year.