Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Who needs a diet and exercise, anyhow?

As the Massachusetts portion of the summer grinds to an end, I find my self less and less enthused with exercise and more inclined to sit in front of the computer in my free time and eat plenty of delicious desserts in the dining hall.

I started out pretty well, jogging 4 or 5 days a week. Then it was 2 or 3 days a week. Then once a week. Now it's been quite awhile since I put on my workout clothes.

But I keep telling myself, in just a week I'll be back home in Windsor, with a treadmill all to myself, and I can study and run and feel like I'm multitasking.

While I was keeping up with my jogging routine, I didn't feel too bad about having some desserts at lunch or dinner.

But last night I went for both Boston cream pie AND raspberry cheesecake with my dinner. (It was so worth it.) And the night before that, I treated myself to dinner and a sundae at Friendly's in Great Barrington.

In my defense, I'll have to miss Ice Cream Sundae Night at the dining hall tonight, since I need to go pick up Mom in Albany.

But most of all**, I can't wait until, 6 or so days from now, when I am safely back in Windsor and well on my way to being ensconced back in my regular, comfortable routine. With whatever food I want to cook for myself, a pair of cats, air-conditioning, and a decent mattress.

**Actually, most of all, I can't wait until this darned Capstone exam is over. I keep thinking to myself that it won't be that bad, that my teachers know we have to remember an incredible amount of material from last year, that they will focus on the big points and not be too nitpicky. Then I wake up from a nightmare about Parasitology.... ticks, mites, and lice, oh my!

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