Tuesday, March 23, 2010

My week so far

No time like the present, I suppose. At least in relation to getting right back into things following spring break.


6:30 am: Wake up (begrudgingly)

7:15 am: Leave for school

8:00 am: BoD lecture, first of seven lectures about the hemolymphatic system; instructor actually brings us notes!!!

9:00 am: Anesthesia lecture; instructor turns down the lights (completely unnecessarily); struggle to stay awake while learning about cardiovascular monitoring in the anesthetized patient

10:00 am: First Clinical Sciences II lecture; main cardiology instructor seems very nice; lights are turned back on!; start reviewing basic material from freshman year (it is still horrible the second time around, but only slightly less so)

11:00 am: Radiology lecture; lights back down; fight the urge to nap until 5 minutes before the end of class

12:00 pm: Business Law lecture; start talking about different types of contracts; marvel at the confusion expressed by much of the class about basic material; wonder if my undergrad classmates are still a little hungover?

1:00 pm: A second hour of ClinSciII; continue cardiology; material gets harder; suffering flashbacks to freshman physiology

2:00 pm: Yes, a third hour of ClinSciII (because two hours a day just isn't enough); find it difficult to avoid looking at the clock every 12 seconds

2:45 pm: ClinSciII is over slightly early! Thank goodness. Study BoD for upcoming online exam in the common room; fight urge to work on the 6x6-foot, 28,000-clue crossword someone taped to the wall

4:10 pm: Drive to the VTH; stop for gas

4:30 pm: Organizational meeting for Saturday's shelter medicine mini-conference, for which I volunteered to help; agree to help with registration (7:15 am!!!) and clean-up, plus tours if needed

5:00 pm: Leave shelter meeting early when CLH arrives to pick me up for a "date"

5:10 pm: Park on main campus and walk to library; help CLH find and check out some music books

5:30 pm: Leave library; drive to nearby Culver's for a quick dinner (complete with "Turtle Dove" custard: vanilla custard with chocolate flakes, pecans, caramel, and marshmallow creme)

5:55 pm: Leave Culver's; drive back to VTH

6:05 pm: Sneak in late for a lecture by an Ohio vet who runs a small animal practice in what he describes as Cleveland's "ghetto" and treats a lot of low-income patients/clients

6:45 pm: Lecture over sooner than expected; part ways with CLH and head home to Windsor

7:20 pm: Home! Plan to study but end up Facebooking for awhile, then remember I have a PBL assignment so spend 45 minute researching proper housing and environmental needs for cockatiels (whoo hoo)

9:00 pm: Ready for bed


6:20 am: Up (ugh)

6:30 am: Running on the treadmill

7:15 am: Stretch, shower, get dressed

7:45 am: Make scrambled eggs while CLH makes sausage

8:00 am: Eat breakfast together!

8:20 am: Leave for school

8:45 am: Pick up friend #1 who lives by campus and usually walks to school, but class isn't on main campus today

8:50 am: Arrive at VTH with friend #1

9:00 am: Anesthesia recitation; hands-on practice with different types of cardiovascular monitoring equipment (by "hands-on" I mean practicing on ourselves, not on actual animals)

9:40 am: Recitation over early; drive friend #1 back to main campus; get my textbooks and notes from my locker

9:55 am: Arrive at friend #2's house for a BoD study session; actually accomplish effective studying despite friend #2's springer spaniels

12:00 pm: Brains fried; no more studying; time for lunch

12:15 pm: Notice it's raining outside; uh oh

12:30 pm: Get call from friend #1 back on main campus saying she needs a ride to Therio lab at the Equine Reproduction Lab

12:40 pm: With friend #2 in the car, pick up friend #1 from main campus and drive 5 miles east to ERL

12:50 pm: Arrive at ERL

1:00 pm: Therio lab is supposed to start

1:10 pm: Therio lab actually starts; brief intro then break into three groups

1:15 pm: Watch ultrasounds of non-pregnant mares (who tolerate a grown man's arm in their rectums up to the man's shoulder remarkably well)

1:30 pm: Stand in the pouring, freezing rain watching a teaser stallion interact with mares in and out of heat

2:00 pm: Go inside! By inside I mean a horse barn with a roof, although all of the walls were open and the wind and snow (formerly rain) were blowing in; fear ensuing pneumonia due to being completely soaked from the rain

2:30 pm: Go to another barn to watch a stallion mount a big fake mare and have his semen collected

2:40 pm: Actually enter a real building with four walls and a roof

2:45 pm: Lab is over; shovel two inches of snow off the car while trying not to curl up in the fetal position and enter a happy hypothermic slumber

2:50 pm: Drop friend #2 off at her house

3:05 pm: Arrive at main campus with friend #1

3:10 pm: Get to shelter medicine lecture late, but it's okay because they haven't started yet

3:15 pm: Shelter medicine lecture (the "non-traditional" shelter animal, i.e. small mammals, birds, and reptiles)

4:00 pm: Meeting about junior practicum and how to sign up for rotations; learn some actual useful information

4:35 pm: Meeting ends; consider the weather outside and opt not to stay in town for the behavior club meeting I'd only be able to attend for half an hour anyway

5:10 pm: Arrive home; blog; contemplate making a frozen pizza


Tuesday: Handbells from 7-9 pm

Wednesday: Anesthesia machine review session from 3:30-4:30 pm, then come home to study for (and hopefully take) BoD exam

Thursday: Expected to have a pet hospice meeting (cancelled!); drive to Denver for choir +/- dinner +/- handbells

Friday: Get to stick around campus until 4:30 pm for my anesthesia machine exam

Saturday: Shelter medicine conference, probably leaving the house at 7 am and returning between 5 and 6; intend to attend a friend's choir concert in Fort Collins at 7:30


  1. I think Monday 7:20pm sounds fun!
    *ashley :)

  2. JEEZ, Becky! How much of this time was spent writing this blog? :P