Wednesday, March 24, 2010

You can always count on classmates to improve your self-esteem

After talking to about 5 of my classmates today who revealed that they had not yet taken our impending 3 exams*, I felt pretty good about how productive I was over spring break, and this week.

*Exam #1 = surgery final, due tonight; Exam #2 = ClinSciI final, due tonight; Exam #3 = BoD midterm, due tomorrow

I can't imagine getting out of class at 3 this afternoon and knowing that you had to take one final within the next 2 hours, another final within 6 hours after that, and a midterm in the following 24 hours. I also don't understand how people can be posting on Facebook all during spring break about the fun things they are doing, traveling, partying, hanging out with friends, and then they end up skipping most of our classes today so they can study for the 3 exams they procrastinated on during the 12 days that the exams have been open!

Anyway, I guess different strokes for different folks?

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