Sunday, March 28, 2010

Pie in the face!

The freshman class came up with what I thought was a pretty clever fundraiser. They got 4 of their professors to volunteer to be candidates to receive a pie in the face. The 'lucky winner' was determined by which professor got the most money given in their name. The freshmen set up 4 jars, one for each prof, and you could put as much money as you wanted in any jar, with the idea that whoever has the most money at the end is the victim.

The four professors:

1. The professor for freshman and part of sophomore pathology, a really nice guy: "Dr. Path"

2. The small ruminant-focused clinician who lectures to the freshmen in nutrition and the sophomores in clinical sciences about GI disease, also a really nice and popular instructor: "Dr. SR"

3. The sort-of-creepy guy who doesn't teach anything, as far as I know, but whose main job is making sure we have enough properly prepared "specimens" for anatomy dissection and other labs: "Dr. Death"

4. The parasitology professor who is enthusiastically despised by most of the freshman and much of the sophomore classes: "Dr. Parasit"

When I first heard about the fundraiser and who was involved, there was no doubt in my mind that Dr. Parasit would be getting a pie in the face, giving her extreme unpopularity, which may or may not be due to the horrible and difficult subject she teaches.

Apparently Dr. Parasit had the same thought I did, because the day before the deadline for contributing money, she put $100 in each of Dr. Path and Dr. SR's jars.


I didn't get to attend the actual pie-throwing event (mainly because I had PBL, but also because I forgot it was on Thursday), but apparently it was decided that the remarkable difference between Dr. Path/Dr. SR's jars versus Dr. Parasit/Dr. Death's jars demanded a pie in the face for both Dr. Path and Dr. SR.

Dr. Death had the least amount of $$ by far and reportedly didn't even show up.

Dr. Parasit, however, did show up, with what I heard was a surprising amount of enthusiasm. She even brought gummy worms to top the cream pies that were thrown. Onlookers report that Dr. Path commented, "I didn't even know Dr. Parasit had a sense of humor!"

Although I still have horrible memories of parasitology class last spring, my interactions with Dr. Parasit since then have been more positive, and after this week's fundraising events, I must admit I admire her conniving and dedication to not getting a pie in her face. I was initially surprised to hear she even volunteered, so I now wonder if she had planned this all along.

And the freshman scholarship fund is now $200+ richer!

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