Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Busy and tired

Time to get to bed soon, so just a brief update:

As expected, activity at school has really picked up this week.

Monday was a full day of medicine appointments. I arrived at school around 8:45 am and left once all the paperwork and visits were complete -- around 7:45 pm. Nothing too exciting -- mostly well pet check ups.

Tuesday was my first surgery day -- my patient was a 4 mo Chihuahua mix from the humane society, whom I castrated quite successfully (I was totally freaked out about my first solo surgery but it went much better than I'd expected). Got to the hospital at 6:45 am after waking up at 5 am after tossing and turning all night. Left at 7 pm and drove straight to Windsor for handbell rehearsal. Medicine appointments and surgery intakes in the afternoon once my neuter was done.

Today was Day 2 of surgery -- I got to the VTH around 6:40 this morning to care for my neuter from yesterday and my spay doggie (client-owned -- nerve-wracking!) for today. Spay got going around 10:20 am and I finished closing just before 1 pm. Not the world's longest spay by any means, but I'm certainly going to be faster on my next one when I don't have to wait around for the supervising surgery doctor to assist the other 5 students before it's my turn to ask her questions again. Overall surgery was uneventful, other than being really long. Doggie goes home tomorrow. She's a 5 mo hound mix.

Lots of ups and downs -- it's fun to apply the knowledge we've spent 3+ years acquiring, but the random details bog us down -- like what forms to fill out and where to turn them in, which boxes to check on the fee sheets, which vaccines require a prescription to be turned into the pharmacy -- that sort of boring stuff. Tons and tons of paperwork, especially with the surgery dogs.

Tomorrow I'm the "relief" person meaning I don't sign up for surgeries, I just stick around the surgery recovery area, the treatment room, and the rounds room, and assist where needed. I'll probably take a couple morning appointments, and maybe some in the afternoon if the schedule fills up.

Having fun but looking forward to the weekend!