Sunday, May 9, 2010

I don't feel like studying

So let's look at the grades I need on this week's finals:

Biology of Disease (done): 0% to pass, 42.% to keep a 'B'

Radiology (done): 22.8% to pass, 82.8% to keep an 'A' (I got 96.6%)

Shelter Medicine: 0% to pass, 63% to keep an 'A' (except this is an elective class so it doesn't affect my rank!)

Business Law: 12% to pass, 72% to keep an 'A'

Anesthesia: 26.8% to pass, 76.8% to keep an 'A'

Clin Sci: 22.3% to pass, 82.3% to keep an 'A'

Theriogenology: 30.5% to pass, 90.5% to get up to an 'A'

So, yeah, I think I am justified in feeling unmotivated to study. I mean, given a multiple choice exam with four possible answers per question, I should statistically pass Shelter Medicine, Business Law, and Clin Sci purely by guessing on answers, and I should be darn close to passing Anesthesia.

Meh... can it be Thursday yet?

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