Tuesday, November 16, 2010

High five

When I blogged about my internal medicine rotation last week, I can't believe I forgot to mention the most exciting part of the week.

On Tuesday, a middle-aged large dog came in with a 9 month history of lameness and stiff, painful joints. He was accompanied by about a thousand xrays taken by his referring vet over the previous months.

The senior student and I headed over to the radiology department with the dog's xrays, to see if we could con a radiologist into helping us interpret them.

As luck would have it, one of the first-year residents (who is a very, very nice person but comes across as a total geek [not saying I don't identify with him]) wasn't busy and offered to give us a hand.

As we pondered the various shades of black, grey, and white comprising this dog's ouchy stifle, the senior student pointed out a lucency on the femur and asked what it was.

The resident said, "It's a normal anatomical structure. Any ideas what?"

I offered, "The attachment fossa for the long digital extensor muscle?"

To which the resident replied, "Badass!" and gave me a high five.

For the remainder of the week I was known as a radiology nerd, as I came up with several other correct answers to various semi-esoteric questions.

But I'm okay with it: Because nobody else got a high five.


  1. Badass Becky! I kinda like it...

  2. That's right. My big sis is pretty BA. It's even an alliteration. Thanks, Dad. :)