Saturday, July 18, 2009

Box Office Answer of the Day (2)

[Tonight was my first time handling Saturday evening ticket sales on a concert night. I was assisted by a volunteer who has been doing this for decades. I sell the tickets, and she hands out the Will Call tickets. She is a totally funny older lady with a really wry sense of humor. She wins the prize for "Answer of the Day."]

Assistant: "Hi, how are you, how can I help you?"

Concertgoer [standing in front of the giant sign that says "Will Call pick-up"]: "If my tickets were left at Will Call, is this where I get them?"

Assistant: "Sure is."


Concertgoer: "So, like, what do you want, my name?"

Assistant: "Well, we ain't got 'em sorted by ring size, honey. What's your last name?"

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