Monday, July 6, 2009

And the Lord said, 'Let there be no more long days of driving,' and lo, there was significantly less driving (though we drove to Connecticut today)

We arrived in the Berkshires last night, at only about 9 pm which was a big improvement from last year's 11:30 pm arrival. Also, it was down in the 60s, as opposed to last year when we made 3 or 4 trips up the stairs carrying our luggage in what had to be 80 degree weather.

We are back in the same dorm we stayed in last year - the dorm with 4 stories, and us on the top floor. No air-conditioning (not an issue yet), and no elevator (so we'll have thighs of steel again by the middle of August).

The car is unloaded; the suitcases and other miscellaneous bags are mostly unpacked. I don't think we forgot anything except some choral music that CLH wanted to return. CLH got the Ethernet connection working (finally, and good thing, because the wireless connection was terrible).

We drove into Connecticut today (fortunately not very far away) to have lunch and get some groceries. The cafeteria doesn't open until next Sunday, when the choristers arrive, so we are on our own for meals until then. We've got food here for breakfasts and most lunches, and will drive to one of the neighboring towns for dinners.

CLH and I both headed over to the gym before dinner for a short work-out. Until the end of the spring semester, I was jogging 5 or 6 days a week at home. While working for the Giant Veterinary Corporation, I think I intentionally exercised 3 times during that whole 6-wk period (although I was on my feet for 10-12 hours most days). So, it was great to get back on the treadmill, and if the weather holds up, I expect to be out on the outdoor track at some point.

I'm in the process of getting set up in the box office. It's been run out of the main choral festival office up till this point, so we moved everything over today to the athletic director's office in the athletic building, which is where the "permanent" box office will be for the rest of the season. It's a nice room, supposedly not air-conditioned but then I don't know what to call all the cool air that keeps coming out of the ceiling.

CLH is figuring out all his apprentice stuff for the summer. One of his previous jobs has been planning "VIP dinners" for big donors, but those have been cut this year for economic reasons, so it's one less thing for him to do.

The weather has been absolutely beautiful in the last 24 hours - mid-70s and sunny, with just a little breeze. That's apparently a big change from recent weather here - somebody said they had 25 days of rain in June! The forecast for the next few days looks like it will have some rain and thunderstorms, but we've already been through several power outages last summer, so it will take a lot to scare us.

I probably won't have too much new and interesting and exciting information to post on here while we're out in Mass., but keep an eye out for occasional updates. Hope everyone's summer travels are going well.

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  1. Hey, glad you got there safe and sound, and are comfortably ensconced.