Tuesday, December 22, 2009


Classes are over.

Finals are over.

Grades are in.

I got an A- in Management and I passed everything else. I got an A on my Toxicology final. I can't --- Whoa! What did you say?! Did you say, you got an A on toxicology?!!

Why, yes, that is correct. I got an A on my toxicology final.

How does such a thing happen, you're wondering? Well, I'm guessing it had to do with the addition of a bunch of extra points, as occurred on the midterm, only they didn't tell us that they did that this time. Otherwise I have no clue how multiple of my friends, and myself, could have also gotten an A.

So I'm feeling pretty good about the end of this semester.

Course evaluations are over, and I remembered to do them the day before they were due, so I had enough time to provide some thoughtful answers and hopefully some constructive criticism that will make sophomore courses better for the classes under me.

Handbell concerts are over and all went pretty well.

The big church stuff, save for an extra rehearsal tonight and Christmas Eve services, is over.

Daisy the extra foster cat has gone to a new home where she will (cross your fingers) be very happy and they will want to keep her! She is on a 1-2 week trial to see how she settles in. The house seems much quieter without her.

After 4-6 months of attempts and having it on my to-do list, I finally have a Colorado driver's license, Colorado car insurance, Colorado car title, Colorado car registration, and Colorado license plates. I feel that since I am now so prepared, I have almost jinxed myself into getting pulled over...

Grocery shopping for this week's big meals, holiday festivities, and feeding a group of 5 is done.

Christmas shopping is done and almost all the gifts are wrapped.

The house is partially cleaned. Some piles of junk that have been taking up corners for months or longer have been sorted, discarded, or hidden elsewhere in the house. A few things left to clean tomorrow, but much of the big stuff is done.

Wedding and family pictures have been framed and are ready to be hung on the walls.

CLH's family is checked in for tomorrow's flight to DIA. Fingers crossed that the weather holds out, as we are supposed to get snow tomorrow and Thursday.

Plans are in place (depending on weather) to drive to Minnesota next Monday and stay till Friday or Saturday. Should be fun and hope we can make the 15 hour drive without too much delay! Cats will NOT be coming this year, which should be a pleasant change.

All in all, with 48 hours left until Christmas Eve, everything is falling into place and I can finally feel a bit more relaxed. Tomorrow's to-do list still has plenty of items, but they will all get done and it will be a great holiday!


  1. Wow, Becky! Your holiday preparations seem to be right on track and working out your way. What's the deal? :) Haha, can't wait to see you! Best of luck with everything and safe travels.

  2. Your "safe travels" evidently came a little too late as it took us an hour and a half to get home from church choir rehearsal tonight in the snow and wind and sleet and freezing rain and icy roads and idiotic drivers.... but I guess we did make it, so win?

    See you in ~6 days!