Thursday, May 14, 2009

And.... we're done!

That's right, folks, as of 2:45 pm yesterday, my semester is OVER!

The virology final in the morning went okay. (Turns out I should have studied more, but I'm positive I got the requisite 7 out of 50 questions correct.)

I took Biology of Disease online in the afternoon - and it was a breeze. (I got 93% more than the necessary 0% to pass the class, and thus kept my 'A.')

At 3:30, I packed up the last of my belongings from the cubes and left for the last time. Badge access to the cubes ends tomorrow at 5 pm, and I won't be back before then. It was a little bittersweet - but I was not nearly as sad as I thought I might me. The cubes had ups and downs, and lately the downs were starting to outnumber the ups (or maybe my patience was waning).

I finished out the day by giving a tour of the teaching hospital. It was the second tour I've given myself, and my first tour flying solo with no experienced person to back me up. It went great! And my tour victims were awesome people - a college junior starting the vet school application process this summer, and her dad, who graduated from our vet school in the 70s.

Upon arriving home, my brain went into pretty much immediate shut-down mode. Dinner consisted of ice cream and scalloped potatoes (separately), and my evening activities centered around watching TV and playing games on the computer. The house looks like it's been hit by a tornado, but that was not at all a priority for yesterday!

As I sit here, it's hard not to wonder which class I should be most worried about studying for...

Stay tuned for a summary of my grades and reflections on freshman year (which will not be forthcoming until my brain is 100% wound down!).

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  1. Congrats, Becky! Did you ever think you'd be finishing your first year of vet school? We're proud of you!