Saturday, May 30, 2009

Simon loves to save lives

Mr. Simon-Monkey had his first blood donor appointment on Tuesday. I drove him to FoCo and set him up in a kennel in the teaching hospital at 7:45 am.

Once the nurses and doctors got there, they checked him out, made sure he looked good physically, then sedated him and stole away a whole bunch of his blood.

I made the nurse promise to call me when Simon was done, since he'd never had this sedative before, or donated blood before, and even vet students can be worried mommies! I got a call just before 2 pm saying Simon was all done and that he was "perfect." That's my good little cooperative cat!

I was working in Northglenn till 7:30 pm so didn't get to the hospital to pick up Simon until after 8. He was the only cat left in the ward when I got there, and yawned and blinked his sleepy eyes with an expression that said, "Okay, I thought you were never coming back!"

After that, he did totally fine. I thought he might be a little sleepy or tired for awhile, or hungrier than usual, but he had dinner when he came home then immediately jumped back into the routine of tearing around the house with his miscreant brother. Simon has a small patch of hair shaved on his neck and had some mild bruising on his neck for a couple of days, but other than that he is totally back to normal and ready to donate blood again in a couple of months!

P.S. I think I have found a petsitter to watch J&S for the ~7-8 weeks we are in Massachusetts. Keeping my fingers crossed that this one works out!


  1. Tell the prospective pet sitter they can have a bonus of two white kitties (one not so smart one) if they take on J & S...I will ship via FedEx.

  2. The cold affected his brain cells!!! But he's awfully cute!