Monday, May 11, 2009

A good feeling

It's always nice when you get to that point in the semester where, in an attempt to continue procrastinating on your studying for finals, you take a look at your grades and calculate what score you need on the final exam to pass each course. (Nutrition has already been aced and I'm 99.98% sure I passed Neuro.)

Bacteriology: 38% needed to pass, 83% needed to keep my 'A'

Virology/Parasitology: 13% needed to pass, 83% needed to keep my 'A'

Finance: -42% needed to pass (i.e. I could have completely skipped the final this morning and still gotten an acceptable 78% in the course), 58% needed to keep my 'A'

Biology of Disease: -7% needed to pass (i.e. again, I can skip this final and pass the course), 76% needed to keep my 'A'

Man, it's numbers like that that completely justify my current procrastination on reviewing for Bacteriology this afternoon!

It sure is nice to know that the semester's hard work paid off.... (although, I guess I still gotta get that required 38% and 13% on the BacT and Viro/Parasit finals!)

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