Monday, May 4, 2009

What am I doing here???

So this week has turned into MAJOR slacker week for us freshman vet students.

We finished neurobiology a couple weeks ago, so that means that our normally scheduled 8 hours of neuro lecture/lab this week are empty (except for a 2-hour optional equine neuro exam lecture).

We finished nutrition last week, so our 2 normally scheduled hours of nutrition lecture are free.

We finished writing last week, so we have an hour of free time when we'd normally have writing lecture.

And, we just found out today that our Biology of Disease professor ran out of things to do for the end of the semester, so our 4 normally scheduled hours of BioDz lecture this week will also be empty.

Now, I'm all for free time. The more of it, the better. Free time = sleeping, relaxing, studying, etc.

Except our remaining classes that are going until the end of the semester (i.e. Bacteriology and Virology) are the first and last class of the day.

So today we had BacT from 8-9, then Virology from 2-3. (I had finance from 12-1.) Thus, 9 am to 2 pm = sitting around trying to be productive. You know the schedule is messed up when it turns out that going to Finance was the most productive part of your day.

Tuesday's schedule includes BacT 9-10 and Neuro 10-12. (Free afternoon! Go home! Have fun! [a.k.a. stay at school and take online nutrition exam].)

Wednesday's schedule is BacT 8-9, Finance 12-1, and Viro 2-3. (= 4 free hours to fill.)

Thursday's schedule is Food Animal Production 8-10 and Viro 2-3. (= 4 free hours to fill.)

This is one of those times when I really regret living a half-hour drive from campus! Ah, the naps I could have if we lived in FoCo....

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