Wednesday, May 20, 2009

What really matters: grades!

Finance: 96% on the final, 97.6% in the course

Neurobiology: 92.5% on the final, 97.2% in the course

Nutrition: 95% on the final, 97.25 % in the course

Bacteriology: 92.7% on the final, 94.4% in the course

Parasitology/Virology: 80% on the final (yep, I didn't study much), 89% in the course

Biology of Disease: 92.2% on the final, 95.2% in the course

Food Animal Production: no grades, so I guess I'm all set

Professional Writing: 100% on the final assignment, 99.3% in the course

All in all, I'm pretty darn happy with those grades. It was one of those semesters where working your butt off at the beginning and middle of the term resulted in pretty high grades that meant I didn't have to freak out about finals... which is always nice. For all the vet school courses, at least, anything >70% shows up on your transcript as 'S' for satisfactory - so we don't really get letter grades and are told not to worry about them. But it's still a nice way to tell how you're doing. I would have loved to bump that 89% in Viro/Parasit up to an 'A,' but I think I can live with one B+ for the semester!


  1. Hey, way to rock the grades, Becky! We're proud of our bloggin' vet girl!

  2. Becky, I'm a little disappointed in your Prof Writing course...Couldn't you do a little better? :)