Friday, September 4, 2009

9 down, 64 to go

So we've had 9 days of class (and I'm being optimistic and including today, even though I'm still at home), and we have 64 days to go.

(Ok, it seems like a really bad sign that I'm already counting down at this point.)

Seriously, I had no idea this semester would be SO boring. Aside from my Bioanalytical Pathology course, everything is just sort of mind-numbing and self-explanatory. I'm really hoping that means that things will pick up as we get into more advanced material. But I'm not entirely expecting that to be the case.

Even my Management class has gotten boring. The once-interesting professor turns out to be pretty dull once he starts talking about actual class material. At least we finally received PowerPoint slides by email last night, after 5 classes with no notes and lots of empty promises about when we would be able to access the slides....

Maybe I'll feel better after the upcoming 3 day weekend!

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