Friday, September 4, 2009

Simon still loves to save lives!

Simon went in yesterday for his second blood donation. He had been scheduled to donate in early August, while we were still in Massachusetts, but his petsitter ended up being out of town so she cancelled.

We were going to just wait for his next scheduled appt, in mid-October, but the teaching hospital's blood bank has been in high demand recently so they emailed me on Wednesday and asked if I could bring Simon in on Thursday or Friday.

He was a trooper, again. Not thrilled about missing out on breakfast yesterday, and not thrilled to go in his carrier, but settled in once we got in the car and was very patient when we had to just sit around the VTH for an extra 20 minutes waiting for them to get my new ID badge to work.

I guess they ended up drawing his blood later in the morning than usual, so when I picked him up at 3, he was definitely a little loopy still from the ketamine. It was pretty funny - he was squinting in the bright light and had this face like a little old man.

Once we got in the car, though, he gave himself a nice bath and had a quick nap before we got home.

Johnny, of course, was once again quite intrigued by Simon's weird new smells from being at the hospital, and pestered him incessantly until Simon got mad. So, all is back to normal. :-)

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