Thursday, September 24, 2009

Don't abandon me now, immune system

Today, the chair two seats down from me, usually occupied by one of my friends, was empty.

She was allegedly home sick with a sudden onset of flu-like symptoms.

Hence tonight's bedtime beverage of Airborne-laced OJ, and plans for extra sleep tonight.

In related news, the university has implemented an online reporting system for people staying home with flu-like illness. So basically you can sit in the comfort of your living room and go on the school's website and call in sick. No need to go to the doctor or get proof of your illness or anything silly like that.

No, I see absolutely no potential for that system to be abused...


  1. no one would ever take advantage of that system
    recently there was an article in the newspaperon what to do if you thought you got h1n1 and then..
    there was there was another article that was like um forget what we said early there is a new policy, if you think you have the flu do NOT go to the dr, if you feel sick do not go to the dr, do not call the dr do not go to urgent care or the er, do not ugo to student health do not eat green eggs and ham do not pass go do not collect 200 dollars
    i was like, great i understand this concept but how then are you supposed to get a note if you miss class
    like my classes are 3-5 hr blocks, you cant just miss that!
    though reasonably i understand not wanting to infect 25 people
    but a note would be nice to have as proof like "i'm disgusting, dont make me come to class"
    ok the end of my story
    hope your friend gets better!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. The school newspaper printed an article a couple weeks ago about H1N1 and mentioned that the student health service didn't want students to come in because they would infect everybody else and there wasn't really any remedy they could give the students anyway.

    They printed a correction the next day because apparently it wasn't clear that yes, you can certainly come to student health anytime if you WANT to, and if you are like dying from the flu, you should definitely come in. :-)

  3. HAhaha, let us reiterate, do not come in an infect us, DO NOT DIE from the flu and blame it on us, was that clear enough? :)