Monday, September 14, 2009

Pharmacology is supposed to be hard

(Give me a couple more weeks and I'm sure I'll regret those words, but....)

Today's first pharmacology exam was a total breeze. I'm pretty sure I got 100%, or close to it.

It was one of those exams where you're studying beforehand, and you keep thinking to yourself, This seems so easy. It's self-explanatory, it's common sense. How could they make a difficult exam out of this?

But it's vet school, so you tell yourself that of course they could find a way to make things complicated and come up with applications and complex scenarios that you never thought of.

So even though you're 95% sure it will be an easy test, you worry anyway.

Then you sit down at the start of the exam, and the questions are a piece of cake - just as you expected.

You finish the whole test in 20 minutes and head out of the classroom. In the back of your mind is a little voice that says, No way was it actually that easy. If you thought it was easy, you really missed something!

But you're still sure it was a simple test.

So you commiserate with your classmates and put it out of your mind. And spend the remaining 40 minutes of the 1-hour exam period playing Bubble Spinner. :-)

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