Thursday, September 10, 2009

I guess the police have more important things to think about...

...because it's been 12 days since my purse was stolen and today I got a letter in the mail from Federal Heights police department, with a packet of information encouraging me to do things like contact the bank, cancel my credit cards, etc.

Whoa, hello common sense!

(Seriously, I hope nobody really has to wait until the police tell them to do this stuff 2 weeks later. I also got a call from the officer who took the police report. He called last Friday [6 days after the purse was stolen] wanting to know my credit card numbers so he could put them in the system and see if anybody uses them. Well, I doubt they'll have much success, sir, since the cards have been cancelled for 6 days now!)

Oh, well, at least they're trying! I guess this just means the cops have bigger fish to fry and know better than to waste their time on something 99.98% unlikely to ever be resolved....

(In related news, new checks have arrived for both checking accounts; pin numbers have been created for both debit cards; the new credit card is functional; and I can now see my accounts online again. Good thing the Wells Fargo 1-800 number has good hold music, because I've been listening to it a lot!)

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