Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Hollywood Vets

This afternoon I went to a presentation at the VTH sponsored by one of the AVMA insurance groups.

The topic was "Hollywood Vets" and the speaker was a vet, who along with his wife (another vet), has spent several decades working with a huge variety of exotic and zoo animals, many of which "act" in movies and TV shows.

Best Part #1: Free dinner. (Qdoba taco bar, served at 4:15 pm, which I think is an absolutely perfect time to have dinner. Vet school makes me hungry.)

Best Part #2: Hilarious stories. The three most memorable anecdotes were: (a) administering an enema to an elephant, complete with an uber-digusting ending, of course; (b) an enormous, ferocious bear named "Killer" with a tire stuck around his torso; and (c) how this doctor because known as "The Leopard Surgeon."

It seems we are finally having an increase in the number of free meals offered to us poor, hungry vet students.

(I swear, by the 6th week of last fall semester, we had had a half-dozen free lunches by now. We just had our second of this semester today.)

The good news is, free lunch on Thursday (a lunch lecture by Intervet/Schering-Plough about their new canine influenza vaccine), free lunch next Tuesday (Royal Canin), and free lunch next Wednesday (Iams) - which everybody gets to attend except for us poor schmucks who will be sitting in Management over the lunch hour.

Hooray for Hollywood Vets and hooray for Free Food!

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