Saturday, September 5, 2009

Capstone continues (aka The Exam That Would Never End)

Though the scary in-class, closed-book portion of the Capstone exam is long past, I am still plodding away at the numerous online, open-book sections that are due by 5 pm on Labor Day.

I've thus far finished:
- the majority of the neurobiology cases
- the anatomy section
- the bacteriology section
- the combined bacteriology/virology/parasitology section

Still to do:
- the last bit of one neuro case
- the immunology section
- the nutrition section

On the plus side, all of my neuro cases that I've submitted have been graded, with nearly 100% correct answers and nice comments on my short-answer/essays such as: "Nicely answered", "Quite well answered!", "Yes!", "Well done", and my personal favorite, "Wow, just a wonderful answer."

I guess that's enough of a brief, self-esteem-boosting break. Back to work!

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