Friday, September 4, 2009

Reassembling my identity

After my purse was stolen at Water World last Saturday, I have just about got myself back in order.

I now have a temporary replacement driver's license, new VTH ID badge, new CSU ID card, new debit cards, and new credit card. Still pending are: new checks, actual driver's license, and library card.

Shall we do a tacky imitation of the MasterCard commercials? Why, yes, we shall!
  • Cost of replacing my driver's license = $21
  • Cost of replacing my VTH ID badge = $10
  • Cost of replacing my CSU ID card = $25
  • Cost of the cash stolen from my purse = $15-25
  • Cost of the fraudulent activity with my credit card, debit cards, and checks = $0
  • Cost of cancelling my Visa card and getting a new one = $0
  • Cost of closing both of our checking accounts and reopening new ones = $0
  • Cost of cancelling my 2 debit cards and getting new ones = $0
  • Cost of getting replacement checks for both of the new accounts = $0
  • Value of almost being myself again in less than a week = priceless!

(Can you tell I am pleased with Wells Fargo this time? They have made up for the out-of-state condo purchase mayhem of last summer....)

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