Monday, October 19, 2009

I passed Toxicology!


After nearly two long weeks of suspense, our grades on the first toxicology exam were finally released.

With a sudden jump in my heart rate, I hesitantly clicked on the link to see my score and found....

a 73.8%!

Well, heck, that's a whole lot better than it coulda been! Let's all keep in mind that 70% is all I need to pass.

That exam was worth 40% of our grade. I got 100% on the first homework assignment (worth 10% of the grade) and I'm anticipating another 100% on the second homework (also 10% of the grade). That means I'll have to get at least a 50% or so on our second and final exam for that class.

It's absolutely going to bring down my overall grades for this semester (which I anticipate to be all A's, otherwise).

But I doubt it will affect my class rank much, since everybody else just about failed too.

I would have loved a better score, but nonetheless I'm pleased to have still not failed an exam in vet school. Gotta have high standards, you know!

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