Saturday, October 3, 2009

Need to prioritize

I think I've posted about this before.... the all-too-common phenomenon by which I have a lot of important stuff to do and yet I choose to do something else entirely.

What should I be doing this weekend? Studying.

What should I be studying? Bioanalytical pathology (exam on Monday), Toxicology (exam on Tuesday), and Biology of Disease (exam online next week).

What did I choose to study last night? Preventive medicine.

When was my last preventive medicine test? Two days ago.

When is my next preventive medicine test? In about two weeks.

How many other exams do I have before then? Four or five.

Pretty much I'm just sick of studying for Bioanalytical Path, I don't even know where to begin for Tox, and I'm already basically caught up on BoD.

Still, time to press onward....

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